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In the spirit of Halloween, we talk about scary movies. Listen to Akane tell Ruth how she feels about horror films.

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Ruth: So Akane, is there anything that you’re frightened of?

Akane: Well… I’m, I’m really scared of horror movies. I never watch them, cuz they really really frighten me.

Ruth: Horror movies wow. Have your ever seen a horror movie?

Akane: Well, um, when I was little I used to watch them with my friends, because, back in the 80’s, horror movies used to be really popular. Like ah “Jason”, and “Freddy Cruger”. (Oh yeah) and things like that yeah. But ah, they used to keep me up at night and I couldn’t sleep.

Ruth: Yeah, my friend actually had a “Freddy Cruger” poster. It used to frighten me.

Akane: Did she?

Ruth: Yeah, it wasn’t my favorite. So, ah, what don’t you like about horror movies?

Akane: Well, um, I think, I think uh, I don’t know, I think it’s the psychological aspect of it. They just really make me feel scared.

Ruth: Ah, heh.. What was the last horror movie that you watched?

Akane: Um, the last one I watched was, I think it was the “Blair Witch Project”.

Ruth: Oh I know that film, yeah

.Akane: The first one, I saw it in the theatre with my friend. And I couldn’t sleep properly for a week after that.

Ruth: Oh no!

Akane: Ya, I mean, I know it’s stupid. A lot of people think it’s a pretty stupid movie. Um, but I think it was just, just the psychological aspect of it that really made me feel scared. And uh, I think, with that movie, after people saw it, they weren’t really sure whether it was real or not. 

Ruth: Oh yeah.

Akane: And so there was that element as, as well. 

Ruth: Was that the same film that I’m thinking of. The one where they filmed people in a forest, is that right?

Akane: Yeah, that’s right. It was in a forest. And the whole thing was done with a camcorder. A hand held camcorder. And so, it was, a lot of it was, I think, black and white. I can’t remember. And uh, and the camera was very shaky, and…

Ruth: So it wasn’t professionally filmed?

Akane: Um, I guess it didn’t look like it was.

Ruth: Right.

Akane: Yeah, I heard that the movie actually only took um, It didn’t take a lot of money to film it. But it, it made a lot of money.

Ruth: Yeah, I can believe that actually, I can believe that. Well, thanks for that.

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Happy Halloween. This week we listen to an older recording of Mike and Adrienne talking about Halloween.

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Transcript of the Conversation:

Todd: OK, guys we're going to talk about Halloween. So, what do you think about Halloween?

Adrienne: I actually like it. It's a fun holiday for kids especially because you get to dress up in costumes and you get lots of candy if you go trick-or-treating. I have a lot of good memories. of Halloween growing up.

Todd: OK, what is trick-or-treating? Why do you trick-or-treat?

Adrienne: Trick-or-treat is when you go, you dress up in your costume on Halloween and you go door-to-door ringing doorbells, knocking on doors. One person comes to the door, you say, "Trick-or-treat" and usually these days they give you a treat which is candy or apples or something like that but in the older days, you could, if they didn't give you a treat, then you could play a trick on them or they could play a trick on you, instead of giving you a treat, something like that.

Mike: I always thought that it was they performed, the person at the door performed some kind of trick for the kids because they didn't have candy to give, but I could be wrong.

Adrienne: Yeah, I don't know exactly. It's one of those three options.

Todd: Yeah, I think it's you play a trick on them.

Mike: Oh, really

Todd: You throw trash against their house.

Adrienne: Toilet paper their.

Todd: Toilet paper, eggs,

Mike: Egg their window.

Todd: Dog pooh in the paper bag on fire. On fire!

Adrienne: Yuck.

Todd: Yeah, that's gross. So, Mike, you're from Canada, so do you have Halloween American-style in Canada? Do you celebrate trick-or-treating? Do you do trick-or-treating?

Mike: Oh, yeah, I think it is the same as in the U.S. I believe it is a little bit different in Europe, maybe. They don't have the same kind of traditions but, yeah, exactly the same as in the U.S. We watched all the Snoopy, Charlie Brown Halloween kind of things, just like everybody....

Todd: OK. That's good. I'm glad because now we can diverge. What was, what were your costumes when you were younger?

Adrienne: Ah, I had so many. My mom was a seamstress so she used to make a lot of my costumes. I designed them and she would make them for me and my sister so one year I was bat girl, another year I was Wonder Woman. Another year I was Princess Lea from Star Wars, I was a rainbow and a clown and a cat, and a witch and everything, basically that you're supposed to be for Halloween I was.

Todd: A lot of heroines in there.

Adrienne: Of course. Strong women!

Todd: Mike, how about you?

Mike: I was goat boy.

Todd: Goat boy!

Mike: I was always goat boy because there...

Todd: Every year?

Mike: Yeah, we, I couldn't afford to get a decent costume every year.

Todd: So how were you goat boy? What did you look like?

Adrienne: Where did you get goat boy from?

Mike: They just put some sort of, they put a lot of trash on me, and forced me to eat a can. It's OK. 

I got lots of candy but then the other kids would beat me up and steal it from me. That's OK.

Adrienne: That's the saddest thing I've ever heard.

Mike: Well, you know. That's all right. It toughened me up when I got older.

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Today in the podcast, Abidemi talks about the music scene in Nigeria.

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Transcript of the audio:

Todd: So Abidemi, you're from Nigeria. Can you talk a little bit about the music scene in your country?

Abidemi: Yes. Nigeria is just amazing now in terms of music and even in the past we’ve had and we still do have great music, great musicians. We love to party just as much as we love to eat, there's nothing that Nigerians loves more than parties. We love to have a good time. So of course, music plays an important role in that. One of the music that we have now is like fusion. A mix of old traditional Nigerian music and instruments with more Western Hip Hop, R&B kind of sound and even reggae and Jamaican music and some Spanish too mixing with it.

Todd: Oh wow, that sounds like a nice mix.

Abidemi: It is actually and because we love to dance as well, it's something that you can move your body to, you can dance to, and also some ballads as well, that makes people think. In the past, Nigerian artists were either they sang traditional songs which they sang in the languages that we had in Nigeria or they sang in English for the most part because we do have many languages. So if you want to reach a wider audience, you needed to sing in English. But these days the interesting thing is many people are mixing. 

Todd: Oh, nice. 

Abidemi: They will sing a little bit in English as well as in their ... mostly in their native language which makes for very interesting mixes because then people that do understand that language, it attracts them to it. And it becomes more our own thing in our own country. 

Todd: So what are the languages that are mixed with English?

Abidemi: For example in my region, I speak Yoruba, so Yoruba, they use a lot of Yoruba. They use Igbo language too, it’s from the southeastern part of Nigeria. And there’s also Pidgin, Pidgin is a kind of ... it's Nigerian English or ... I know in other parts of west Africa they use Pidgin as well. But it’s more like slangy English, I would say. So there's a mixture of that. So the music becomes more Africanized, Nigerianized, if that’s a word. So it makes it much more our own thing and people enjoy it. Yeah, and it’s really good. So new artists now, they’re doing that and one of the results of that is it’s more accessible actually to people that are not Nigerians. So a lot of people download Nigerian music from YouTube. For example, there’s D'Banj. He’s an artist that’s gone over to the United States and he sings with Kanye. 

Todd: Oh, wow! 

Abidemi: Yeah, and some big top Hip Hop artist in the United States. There was a guy who they used one of his songs in one of the American - Black American movies in the States as well. 

Todd: Oh, cool! 

Abidemi: And he got a lot of exposure through that. So our artist are, yeah, they become more more famous it seems like. And they're leading other areas of Africa too.

Todd: Well I’ll be sure to put some YouTube clips up with the interview so people can check it out.

Abidemi: Please do.

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Today on the podcast Eucharia takes a quiz with Todd. She answers what she prefers for different situations. She talks about reading, drinking and other things.

Go to elllo.org and see Views #512 for the lesson.

Here is the transcript of the conversation:

Todd: OK. Eucharia, we’re going to play a game "Choices". I will say 3 things, you tell me which would you choose. OK, the first one - coffee, tea or water in the morning?

Eucharia: Water.

Todd: Water.

Eucharia: Yeah, when I wake up I usually have 2 glasses of water and then at the moment I’m trying not to drink coffee and not to drink caffeine so at the moment it’s water but if I were given a choice normally it would be coffee.

Todd: OK, how about at night time. You’re at a party, which would you rather have - beer, wine or a cocktail?

Eucharia: It depends on the party. If I’m going dancing, cocktail. If I’m going out eating, wine and if it’s just friends getting together, beer.

Todd: You’re on an airplane and you’re flying across the ocean. What would you prefer to read - newspaper, a magazine or a book?

Eucharia: A book, definitely.

Todd: Yeah, why a book? That was a very strong answer.

Eucharia: I love reading. I have to read every night before I go to sleep for maybe 30 minutes so I really enjoy reading and I find that I emotionally engage with the book and what’s happening in the book and I forget the fact that I’m on a 12 hour intercontinent flight.

Todd: OK, good answer. You have to choose between 3 seasons - summer, fall or winter.

Eucharia: Summer.

Todd: Summer?

Eucharia: I love sunshine. I love heat. I can’t stand rain which is why I don’t live in my home country and I don’t like snow.

Todd: OK, I’m with you on that. OK, next one. To pass the time at night you can watch TV, you can check the internet or you can watch a movie, a dvd. What would you prefer?

Eucharia: Probably watching a dvd because, yeah if I’m on the internet I’m on the internet at work and so I don’t want to go on the internet late at night because I start thinking too much and I can’t sleep.

Todd: OK, last one. You’re at the beach. Would you prefer to - play a sport on the beach, on the sand, go in the water and swim or surf or lie on the beach and get a tan?

Eucharia: Lie on the beach and get a tan! Yep, I’m from a country we don’t see a lot of sunshine so I still get very excited when I see sunshine. I’ll go to the beach and maybe I’ll go to the water and swim a bit but my favourite thing is to lie on the beach with my book and get a tan.

Todd: OK. Thanks, Eucharia.

Eucharia: You’re welcome.

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In today's podcast, Daniel talks with Hana about her trip to Greece.

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Transcript of Conversation | elllo.org | #1259 Greek Vacation

Daniel: So we're talking about holidays. Is there any really, really good holidays that you remember?

Hana: Well, one of my favourite holidays was when I went to Greece a couple of years ago with my family.

Daniel: Wow, Greece, I've never been there. How is it? Sounds really, really nice.

Hana: Greece is a very beautiful country. The houses are ... everything is so white and the beaches are so beautiful.

Daniel: So what did you do in Greece?

Hana: Mainly I just relaxed at the swimming pool and at the beaches. And at night time I went shopping with my mum. And we had some really nice food too.

Daniel: Oh, that sounds really interesting, like the perfect holidays. So you said you went with your family, right?

Hana: Yes, I went with my mum and dad and brother.

Daniel: And for how long did you go there?

Hana: We went for four days. And when we went there was a big football tournament. And so everybody was so happy and excited. And at night times everybody will start dancing. And so me and my brother, we would join and dance with them.

Daniel: Cool! So did you get to see any of those matches of the tournament?

Hana: Yes, I went to see one match with my dad and I had so much fun.

Daniel: Oh, it sounds really cool, like really nice holidays.

Hana: Yes, it was one of my best holidays.


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